where it all started

To tell the story of Hive Juice Lab, we must first talk about our loving mother Vivian Villegas, without her, none of this would be possible. ​

She was and remains a beam of light in our lives; a strong, independent, faith-driven, single-mother of two. She loved and cherished God, her children and family above all; something we will all feel until our time comes as well. In 2015 she was diagnosed with cancer and given special instructions from the "Big Guy" up top to do everything she could to help herself and her family. She did that and more.

Upon her diagnosis she set out to eradicate the disease from her body by way of healing with nutrition. She started eating salads, we started eating salads, she started juicing, we started juicing and we all started feeling better. She decided to open a business that would be in line with her new lifestyle, convincing me, her oldest son, was a breeze. Thus, Hive Juice Lab was born....she bought a retired school bus in New Jersey, flew out my grandfather Ramon Luis, a Master Carpenter in Puerto Rico and we started construction late 2017.

Near the completion of the project she fell terribly ill and she laid to rest September 10, 2018. Her fighting heart, unwavering faith, and unconditional love will forever be the wind at our backs. This is for you momma, "we got this!".

the bus

We operate out of a 2005 Ford E350 SUPERDIESEL.....a retired school bus. She's coral and adorned with beautiful plants and artwork by local artists Patty, Nancy and Jose from the WeArtOne collective here in Yonkers. @weartone1 really brought it to life.


the team

I'm your host Jovian (left), that's my wife Ashlee (right) and little brother Christian (bottom) and together we are.....THE HIVE JUICE LAB. Great to finally meet you! We're some Yonkers locals looking to bring you some healthier options. I'm an Air Force vet with some pretty cool NYC restaurant cooking experience. Ashlee is a Real Estate agent with a background in nutrition. Christian aka Fever is a singer and leader to an all-autistic rock-fusion band, The Outcasts. Pretty eclectic right? I think its just what we need to pull this off.